Structural Change in Africa- Misperceptions, new narratives and Development in 21st century

Co Authored with George Kararach | Routledge, London, 2020

Debates on African development continue to downplay the achievement of the continent: economic achievements are diminished and the perception of a conflict prone continent continues. Many of the policy prescriptions externally imposed on African countries have done little to transform the continent largely because they have been conceived and applied without context.

Using literature from diverse origins, this book expands our knowledge about Africa and makes practical suggestions as to how successful development in a complex, yet dynamic continent can be achieved. Widening the policy dialogue and providing alternative thinking on the key elements and full extent of opportunities and challenges towards achieving the socio-economic transformation of Africa, the book moves the debate from the rhetoric to reality.

As a considered reflection on the ‘Africa’s transformation’ narrative, it outlines the practical pathways necessary for Africa’s sustainable development, providing policy makers and researchers with tested solutions. It will be of interest to all scholars, students and policy professionals working in African development, public policy, international political economy, economic policy and politics.

Africa in Transformation – Economic development in the age of doubt

Palgrave Macmillan, 2019

Lopes delivers an overview of the critical development issues facing the African continent today. He offers readers a blueprint of policies to address issues, and an intense, heartfelt meditation on the meaning of economic development in the age of democratic doubts, identity crises, global fears and threatening issues of sustainability.

A compelling rethink of traditional development models. Provides insight as to why the acceleration of industrialisation is a key aspect of Africa’s development transformation. Argues that Africa needs a clear, inclusive growth strategy, supported by better institutions, regional synergies, and infrastructure. Explains why a prosperous Africa is not only good for Africans, but for the entire world

Macroeconomic Policy Framework for Africa’s Structural Transformation

Co Authored with Abdallah Hamdock and Adam El-Hiraika | Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

This book identifies the key sources of growth that have played a significant role in Africa’s recent robust growth as well as its efforts towards economic transformation. The chapters assess to what extent the existing macroeconomic frameworks among African countries have been streamlined to the countries’ development priorities in order to achieve long-term growth and economic transformation.

Taking into account the diversity of African countries, the authors establish the economic linkages between relevant macroeconomic policy variables and the key sources of growth and development among the selected African economies, based on both theoretical and empirical underpinnings. Following this, the authors suggest an outline of a macroeconomic framework for Africa’s long-term growth and economic transformation.

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Relatório de Desenvolvimento Humano do Brasil. Racismo, Pobreza e Violência

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Capacity for Development

Co Authored with Sakiko Fukuda-Parr and Khalid Malik | UNDP-Earthscan, London/New York, 2002
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