A New Path for U.S.-Africa Climate Relations

The world faces simultaneous challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic: economic downturn and increasing impacts of climate change, all of which are exacerbating ongoing global inequity. Full economic recovery hinges upon the world’s ability to address these interconnected challenges everywhere.

World leaders have committed nearly $13 trillion to address COVID-19 and economic crisis, and even in the midst of the pandemic, many are continuing to step up climate action. This reveals a growing realization that there are clear benefits to combating climate change alongside enacting economic recovery. The massive amount of public spending could contribute to building a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world.

The Biden administration plans to play a critical role in moving global low-carbon recovery forward. As part of this agenda, the United States must re-engage with Africa on climate diplomacy and ambition, including pushing for more public financing for green African development and building trade partnerships that boost green industrialization.

Africa should highlight its desire for climate action to enhance its development. There is power in global partnership and both Africa and the U.S. would benefit immensely from a shared vision for a more resilient, low-carbon future.

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First published by NEWSWEEK